Why Should the Public Pay for PBS?

Finally the issue of Federal subsidies for PBS, NPR et al. is gaining traction.

Found this at DailyInfographics: Why Save PBS? The title itself is an obvious exaggeration. It’s not a question of life or death, its about whether Americans should have to pay for something they don’t need. The fact is, there are plenty of multimedia production companies in the US producing quality stuff even without federal largess. Why should PBS be subsidized?

The question for PBS fans is, what will happen to it without the $319 million in Federal largess? Nothing. They’ll be there just as before.

But those quasi-public orgs are gonna have to dip into their multi-billion dollar stashes or pester you for more donations. They may even be forced to do some fiscal house cleaning eg. dumping the fat salaries. Heck, I’ll betcha some pretty talented and qualified folks out there would do it for half the money.

Here’s a thought, PBS should sign on with a cable provider?

You want PBS, then pay for it with a subscription, not with my tax dollars.

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