Why Should the Public Pay for PBS?

Finally the issue of Federal subsidies for PBS, NPR et al. is gaining traction.

Found this at DailyInfographics: Why Save PBS? The title itself is an obvious exaggeration. It’s not a question of life or death, its about whether Americans should have to pay for something they don’t need. The fact is, there are plenty of multimedia production companies in the US producing quality stuff even without federal largess. Why should PBS be subsidized?

The question for PBS fans is, what will happen to it without the $319 million in Federal largess? Nothing. They’ll be there just as before.

But those quasi-public orgs are gonna have to dip into their multi-billion dollar stashes or pester you for more donations. They may even be forced to do some fiscal house cleaning eg. dumping the fat salaries. Heck, I’ll betcha some pretty talented and qualified folks out there would do it for half the money. 

Here’s a thought, PBS should sign on with a cable provider?

You want PBS, then pay for it with a subscription, not with my tax dollars.

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6 thoughts on “Why Should the Public Pay for PBS?

  1. AMEN! With 250 channels already, why do we have to support yet another boondogle program the idiots in congress don't have the guts to cut off from the Federal pork barrel.Why do we need an education dept.at Federal level? Pres. Carter started it and like most of his ideas, it is expensive and unneeded. Are schools better now than when he was Pres.? Don't think so -just wasted BILLIONS.

  2. Off topic, but do we have to pick-up a Telegram & gazette or Worcester Mage every other week now and see media hoars Bill Randell and Paul Collyer bitchin about unfair housing?Used to think they were amusing at best and pests at worst, but now I seen them for the d-bags they really are (sorry Harry T. ease).Bill..Paulie go to a city council meeting on Tuesday and man-up in person to the people you're crying foul against. Bring Harry Turd for laughs!as for the T&G, too bad, I at least give Mr Sutner some cred for interviewing both sides, but I hope it and Worcester Mag don't becpme Bill and Paulie's personal rag.P.S. Like Bill Rantdull's continuos bitch against being anonymous, but his multi-poster/bi-polar jahn dough gets publised regularly. Way to play both sides of the coin Bill. How about a story about how and where Paulie gets his $ to buy his properties. 224 1/2 Chandler Street not in his name or anywhere else in Worcester for that matter on other properties. How about a T7G expose on Bill and his upscale liquor store…c'mon Bill you sell to the same people you want to kick out of the neigborhood!Wistah Rez

  3. Hey Rez, saw the T&G stuff. Ole Paulie's looking pretty old. Those glasses looked like coke bottles eh? Ya know at that age old guys are beginning to wonder what their legacy will be. Paulie has no known progeny; may the father of litter of whelps, and is wondering what to do with his amassed fortune. Ahem!So what does an old guy do? Buys slum properties, renovates em and then sticks a plaque on the side with his name on it. Perpetual remembrance – here built Paulie Collyer circa 2010 – a legend in his own mind.. Or better still is to go up against the “the system” to leave his mark on local history. The allys are littered with the best of intentions. But little does he realize he’s doomed to absolute failure – “his village” is and will always remain a dump. It started out that Haller ignored him – that musta really pissed him off, so he played his brand of politics and got burnt. He tried the CM – ignored again. Everyone ignores Paulie. But its not necessarily him that’s the problem, its the way things are here. Wusta just doesn’t want to be more than it is. A decaying city. No prospects whatsoever. So ya want me to trash those clowns eh? We’ll see. I’m not really it the writing mood – still hibernating. .

  4. Don't blame you WW. The Rantdull, Phatman, Teletubbie debate has become sort of a broken record they just keep repeating and repeating.On the bright side…we always have the ChiliFest to look forward to!Wistah Rez

  5. Hey Rez! Yeah so you noticed the repetition too eh? So here we go again with Paulie publicly confronting people (Steve Patton) who he doesn't agree with. And the arrogance of that the Phatman to think he’s the King of Village. If ya think about it, Phatman has a history of confrontation. Heck the local blogs are littered with his rants and threats. If he don’t get the respect he demands, he threatens folks. Take for example his hiring a bounty hunter to find Will W. W. How stupid can one get? The ole guy most certainly has more than a few screws loose. He’s a threat to society. And to himself too. But he’s too stupid to comprehend that. Chilifest eh? Um, maybe I ought whip up a Chili recipe. Been thinking about a Road Kill Chili. Sounds like a hit huh?

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